B1 – Protective tape

Soft ribbed PVC film with rubber-based adhesive.

Good UV resistance and resistance to most alkalis and weak acids. Good aging characteristics. Flexible, waterproof plastic tape with good adhesion. Easily tearable and available in yellow and black.

To be used when attaching protective floor cardboard against the hard floor.

For protection of facades, thresholds, etc.

Width: 50 mm
Length: 33 meters
Color: Yellow or White

B2 – Construction Foil Tape

Flexible sealing tape of polyethylene “web” enhanced solvent-free adhesive. Extra high adhesive strength. 50 years of age resistance. P-labeled and SITAC-approved. 2 years UV resistance. Intended as an air and vapor barrier. For permanent splicing, repair and sealing of age-resistant construction foil in polyethylene. Also adheres well on wood, glass, metal, etc. Color: Green

Width: 50/60 mm
Length: 25/50 meters
Color: Green

B3 – Construction Foil Tape

Construction foil tape polyethylene with acrylic adhesive. 50 years aging resistance. P-labeled and SITAC-approved. Resistant to aging. UV-resistant. Mildew resistant. High diffusion tightness For the permanent joining of age-resistant construction foil in polyethylene. Color: Transportation Patents

Width: 50 mm
Length: 25/50 meters
Color: Transparent