Double adhesive Stockline

Double Adhesive tape pro

Adheres to virtually any surface such as wood, textile, plastic, concrete, etc.

Designed for extreme adhesion on uneven surfaces

Easy to use and flexible application

You won’t have to drill and screw!


Suitable for professional installation. Thicker in order to attach better on uneven surfaces. Can be mounted outdoors. Perfect for attaching plates and other applications. Allow to harden 48 hours for maximum effect.

Width: 60 mm
Length: 33 meters
Thickness: 3 mm
Material: Foamed


Suitable for professional installation. Thinner foamed adhesive tape for mounting indoors. Perfect for attaching plates and lighter material.

Width: 10 mm
Length: 8 meters
Thickness: 1 mm
Material: Foamed

S3 “Popular with sign fitters!”

Adhesive pads from our popular material Stock Line S1. Easier handling when mounting. Supplied in 5-packs.

Width: 60 mm
Length: 60 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Material: Foamed