– Sturdy cardboard construction
– Perfect for indoor use

Stand packages

– 2pc rollup’s and a podium
– Storage space for all parts of the podium
– Very easy to take with you

Easy Sign

– Easy to install
– Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
– Easy to take with you
– Takes up very little space thanks to clever design and related cases

Form milling

– We can shape mill corrugated plastic, corrugated board and dibond (aluminum)
– Can be placed at the play benches, next to the playing field or in the entrance
– We customize each production according to your wishes

Crowd control barrier

– Can be made in textile or banner
– Easy to assemble

Trash can

– We are developing your own profiled bins
– Can be made of corrugated cardboard or corrugated plastic
– Practical advertisement

Ball stand

– We produce ball rack for you sports
– Ball stand are adapted for indoor use

Fold It

With smooth handling and easy installation fits this product ideal for outdoor sports.
No bulky tripod is needed, fixed to the ground only with small ground rods.
– Folded’s Fold It only 10mm
– With the right handling Fold It can be used over again
– Size is produced desired
– Print is applied to one or two sides