Linear Tape

Adapted for temporary mounting and attach on all types of flooring.
The tape is soft and flexible for easy application.
The tape is solid and covers the ground very well without being permeable.

A line tape adapted to your needs.
Low-tack or permanent
– We adjust the stapling in line tapes to suit your purposes
Customized Size – Several customization options for line width: 50mm, 25mm, 19mm
Several color options – Available in 50 different color options

Width: 75/50/25/19 mm
Height: 18/20/30/33/50 meters
Standard colors: White / black / yellow / red / green / orange / blue
Material: PVC

Line Covering Tape

This tape is used to cover the existing lines in an arena when you only want to use the lines belonging to the sport they practice.

Color matching
We measure manually what color code to match your flooring and then color the tape.

We can adjust the lines in both length and width

Width: 60/100 mm (standard)
Height: 30/33/50 meters
Standard colors: only dyed
Material: PVC